Grayson: Another Awesome Fan Trailer

After posting the link to the World’s Finest fan film trailer, I ran across another excellent fan trailer, Grayson. This one’s almost 5 and half-minutes long and blew me away. Basic premise is that Batman is dead and the former Boy Wonder is out to catch the killers and avenge Batman’s death. Some excellent effects including brief appearances by a number of JLA members.

As technology costs continue to fall and companies like Warner continue to come out with crap like “Catwoman” or the rumored bastardization of Green Lantern, fan films like this could fill a needed void and even pose a threat.

The other day I finished reading the trade paperback version of “Squadron Supreme” — an early 1980s Marvel series which was the forerunner of later series like “Kingdom Come.” The thing about “Squadron Supreme”, though, is that its basically the Justice League of American in different costumes with different names. So Batman becomes “Night Hawk,” Superman becomes “Hyperion” with a red costume but similar origins and powers, etc.

Whose to stop someone form taking a cue from “Squadron Supreme” and making their own JLA-ripoff film (especially since it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a genuine JLA film)?

Sandy Corolla Is Back With World’s Finest Trailer

Last year I mentioned how impressed I was with Sandy Corolla’s Batman: Dead End trailer that to the San Diego Comic Con by storm. Now Corolla’s go a follow-up — a World’s Finest trailer (that’s a Superman/Batman team-up for you non-fanboys).

It’s not as impressive as Batman: Dead End, but it runs circles around Catwoman.

New Animated Batman Series

Excellent — apparently there’s going to be another animated Batman series this Fall. This one premiering on the Kids WB and then airing on Cartoon Network six months later. Adam West is doing the voice work for the Mayor.

This is going to drive my wife nuts — take repeated weekend viewings of Justice League and Teen Titans, add in a new Batman series and she’s likely to start hiding the remote control on me again.

Batman: Dead End

TheForce.Net has a QuickTime version of the Batman short film, Batman: Dead End, that generated quite a buzz at the San Diego Comic Con. And after seeing it, no wonder. Amazing what someone with on a very low budget can turn out these days — and with an excellent twist that features another film project that fanboys have been dying to see happen (but likely never will).

Get it quick, though, because this violates the intellectual property of several companies and will certainly be cease-and-desist-ed at some point.

Bruce Wayne on Smallville?

About the only two shows I absolutely must watch every week are Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” and the WB’s “Smallville” (though, as far as I’m concerned, the best show on television at the moment is hands down “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” which I watch obssessively).

Anyway, the latest issue of Wizards has an interview with Alfred Gough, the co-creator of “Smallville”, who say they want to do an episode or two with a guest appearance by a young Bruce Wayne — the only issue is whether or not DC will permit it.

It looks like Gough has some good ideas on how he would handle the young Batman,

I think at that age Bruce Wayne would be very much the opposite of Clark. I think he’d be brooding. Hed be at a point where he’d gone through some of his training. I don’t think he and Clark would really get along. I think maybe the last line of the meeting would be Clark turning to Bruce saying, “You should really seek some professional help.”

How about Bruce kicking Clark’s butt a la Dark Knight 2. Now that would be cool.

Since When Does Marvel Own Batman?

This UK Guardian story is all messed up unless things have changed drastically in the past few months.

The obvious problem is that although Mark Millar does indeed work for Marvel, where he is responsible for the Ultimate series of books, Marvel doesn’t own Batman or Superman. Marvel and DC are planning a JLA/Avengers crossover book, but there’s been no mention of Millar’s involvement that I’ve heard of.

On the other hand, a Soviet Superman would be a great idea, though DC has already went through several reinventions of its characters. Didn’t the Guardian reporter read Kingdom Come?