Marvel Zombies Action Figures

The Marvel Zombies series last year was two great tastes that taste great together — you just can’t miss with Marvel super heroes being turned into zombies. The only thing that could make it better, of course, is Marvel Zombie action figures!

Turns out that Diamond Select will be producing action figs based on Marvel Zombies, starting with this excellent-looking Zombie Spider-Man,

DC Unlimited’s World of Warcraft Action Figures

DC’s created a new brand for some of its action figure line — DC Unlimited — and landed the World of Warcraft license. According to Action-Figure.Com,

The initial set of figures will include a Blood Elf Rogue, Orc Shaman, Undead Warlock and Dwarf Warrior. The deluxe figures will include a Draenei Paladin and Illidan Stormrage. The first wave of figures is slated to hit comic book, pop culture, mass market, specialty and toy retailers in Fall 2007.

Damn. This will be the third release of WoW action figures, and still no love for my Gnome Rogues. WTF? Who do I have to corpse camp to get a Gnome Rogue figure?

Buffy Action Figures Go All Build-A-Figure

Taking a cue from the Marvel Legends series, Action-Figure.Com reports that Diamond Select will have a Build-A-Figure promotion with its upcoming Oz, Drusilla and Principal Wood figures. Each figure will contain a piece of The Judge (whom, you might remember, had to be assembled from dispersed pieces in the show). Grab them all and build The Judge.

Dr. Laura Action Figure — But What About Those Photos?

So Dr. Laura has an action figure,

But the copy describing the action figure is a bit disturbing,

The Dr. Laura Action Figure stands 11 inches tall and is packaged in a display box that includes her biography and photos from her personal collection.

I hope that’s not talking about those photos.

Bring on the Michael Bolton Action Figure

Diamond Select recently announced that it had signed a license to produce “Office Space”-related merchandise.

According to a Diamond Select press release,

The specific details of this product line are still under development, but fans of the movie will have great items to look forward to. We promise everything Office Space will be done with flair.

Ah, yes, bring on the Michael Bolton and Milton Waddams action figures.


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