Hasbro to Release 9 ‘New’ Iron Man Action Figures

Hasbro recently announced it will be releasing 9 “new” Iron Man action figures in its series based on the movie. Of course all 9 appear to be nothing more than repaints and/or minor modifications of the previously released figures (which have already seen a number of minor and repaints). Still, this Battle Monger figure is pretty fraking cool,

Iron Man - Battle Monger

Superhero Times Review of DC Direct 1:6th Scale Supergirl

Superhero Times gives a thumbs up review to DC Direct’s 1:6th scale Supergirl. Personally, I think the arms on the figure look more than a bit absurd (and this is a figure that’s roughly $90 at retail).

DC Direct 1:6 Scale Supergirl

However, I am still tempted to pick this up everytime I pass it by at the local comic book store because of its accessories including . . . wait for it . . . Streaky the Super Cat,

Streaky the Supercat

Legion of Super-Pets anyone?

Form of . . . an Action Figure!

Mattel’s been announcing its SDCC exclusives, and at the top of the list has to be this DC Universe Classics rendering of Wonder Twins 2 pack with Gleek. The Wonder Twins 2 pack will be offered for sale later at MattyCollector.com, but the only way to get Gleek is at SDCC.  Hmm . . . a Wendy and Marvin 2 pack might not be far behind.

Wonder Twins with Gleek SDCC Exclusive