More On The Never Ending Election

Salon’s Gary Kamiya thinks Gore and Bush need to get together to reach an agreement on a quick end to the never-ending election,

If no agreement on how to proceed is reached soon, two grim scenarios are likely to unfold. First, a large portion of the electorate will not accept the victor as having actually won — an outcome that could permanently mar our faith in the democratic process. Second, the bitterness between the two parties will reach such extreme, Hatfield and McCoy levels that they won’t be able to work together at all, bringing Congress to a grinding halt.

According to Kamiya, a hand recount of every county in Florida is the only way out at this point. Unfortunately I think we’ve already passed that point given the rhetoric from Democrats and Republicans in Florida.

A statewide hand recount will only escalate the problems as Democrats will then join Republicans in complaining (correctly) that a hand recount is little more than a way for partisan election officials to try to throw the election one way or the other.

To be honest, though, I’m not sure what would be so bad about massive Congressional gridlock and a president with the inability to govern. In fact although I voted for Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne and am a confirmed Gore-hater, at this point I’m thinking a Gore victory after weeks of lawsuits might not be a bad idea — especially if Bush manages to win the popular vote once all of the absentee ballots from California and elsewhere are counted.

Perceptive Commentary from Alicia Montgomery

In an article for Salon, Alicia Montgomery writes about something that had me laughing out loud while watching the news. There was a spokesman for Al Gore saying that the Florida mess should be left to the states, while George W. Bush’s folks were running around saying no, we need federal intervention here.

Expect Bush to start running ads featuring a Florida voter saying that because Gore opposed federal remedies he feel like his vote was taken away from him a second time, while Gore will respond with promises to return power back to the people.

A 16x10x40x CD-R/W Drive

PCExtremist has a brief look at a new series of Yamaha CD-R/W drives that promise to fill a standard CD-R in 5 minutes. In addition, Yamaha claims the drive can rip CD audio at 40X meaning converting a CD to MP3 should take about 3 or 4 minutes with this system. Add to that 10x speed for writing to a CD-RW and what’s not to love?

Well the price for one thing — the only place I could find pricing and availability information was Amazon.Com which reports the internal IDE version will be available on November 24, 2000 and retail for $399.95. Ouch. Maybe next Christmas.

Underwhelmed By ICANN’s Proposed Domain Names

The BBC reports that ICANN released a list of new top level domain names that it will vote on Thursday. The names under consideration are:

  • .biz
  • .name/.nom/.per
  • .web
  • .health
  • .geo
  • .union
  • .museum
  • .info
  • .air
  • .one
  • .co-op
  • .post
  • .event

What an underwhelming list. Biz, .per/.nom, and .web all make sense, but the others are far too narrow and limited if only a few additional TLDs names are going to be approved. I also can’t understand why they eliminated .kids and .xxx Surely there is far more content that is pornographic or, conversely, aimed at children than there are museum and union sites. Why not provide TLDs specifically for those very large segments of the Internet?

On the other hand, if they approve .web I’ll be one of those sheep trying to register new domain names (though only ones I actually plan to use — squatters are probably going to suck up all the new domain names pretty quickly regardless of what is approved).