The University of Georgia Has Its Priorities Straight

The University of Georgia is opening up its stadium for up to 23,000 football fans on October 3. Still, the school has decided it doesn’t have enough staff to allow in-person voting on the campus.

The university was unable to find a suitable location to host early voting on campus, according to an announcement Wednesday by the non-partisan student-run voter registration group UGAVotes. The group had hoped that in-person voting could occur at the university’s large basketball arena to avoid long lines and crowded conditions, but the university did not believe it had the resources to clean the coliseum at night, according to Marshall Berton, a junior and UGAVotes’ executive director.

In August, the university unveiled a plan to allow up to 23,000 fans to attend home football games, a detail critics have seized on in the wake of the on-campus voting decision.

Never change Division I schools. Never change.

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