Scott Atlas: People Should “Rise Up” Against Michigan COVID-19 Measures

On November 15, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the reimposition of COVID-19 related restrictions as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from the disease continue to mount in the state.

That prompted White House coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas to tweet,

The sad thing is that the Trump administration’s irresponsible actions in general, and Scott Atlas’s in particular, have helped make this new round of restrictions necessary.

Rather than push for and assist with measures that could have made it easier to keep COVID-19 better under control, such as widespread testing and use of masks, Atlas has opposed both. As a result, the time and space we gained from the initial lockdown in March and April were squandered by the Trump administration’s ignorance and lies.

Instead of science-based policy recommendations and actions, all Atlas has is incendiary rhetoric whose result will almost certainly be more death and disease than otherwise would have been the case.

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