Jordan Myles Goes After WWE Over T-Shirt

Albert Hardie Jr. is a professional wrestler who wrestled under the name ACH before being signed to WWE’s NXT brand where he took the ring name Jordan Myles.

As part of its merchandising, WWE thought this would be the perfect t-shirt for an African American wrestler.

WWE Jordan Myles T-Shirt
WWE Jordan Myles T-Shirt

Myles was not too pleased. Even though the t-shirt was already pulled from sale, Myles spoke out about the t-shirt on Twitter.

WWE has a long history not just of racial insensitivity, but of actively exploiting racial insensitivity as part of its shows (back in 2017 it had one of its wrestlers mock the accent of Japanese wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura). So this is both shocking and yet not surprising at all.

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