Enabling 2FA in DokuWiki

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I’ve been doing a bit of a personal security audit lately, and updating/resetting passwords and adding 2FA wherever I can. One of the things I was pleasantly surprised to see is that DokuWiki made it fairly straightforward to add 2FA to my wiki.

The work to enable this was done by plugin developer Michael Wilmes, and involved installing a number of plugins that Wilmes developed.

  1. First, using the DokuWiki extension manager, install the Attribute plugin.
  2. Next, install the Two Factor Authentication – Core Plugin. As the title suggests, this installs a 2FA framework within DokuWiki.
  3. Finally, install any of the five 2FA modules. There are ones for email, an alternate email, Google Authenticator, and SMS.

I was only interested in the Google Authenticator plugin module. After installing it, it worked like a charm. My login page now looks like this, and will not let me login without the 2FA code:

DokuWiki 2FA-enabled Login Page
DokuWiki 2FA-enabled Login Page

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