DC’s Lucha Explosiva Action Figure Line (AKA, Take My Money Please!)

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DC Collectibles is releasing a line of action figures featuring its characters depicted as lucha libre wrestlers.

From the team at DC Collectibles comes a joyful and imaginative new universe that combines the enthralling world of Mexican wrestling and the heroic history of DC Comics: DC LUCHA EXPLOSIVA! This all-new line of 7″ action figures take its roots from the deep history of Lucha Libre and Mexican luchadores. Each figure is a Latin American-inspired reimagining of a classic DC hero or villain, complete with an all-new backstory drawn from Mexico’s rich cultural history.

As the headline says, take my money please!

DC Lucha Explosiva - Wonder Woman
DC Lucha Explosiva – Wonder Woman
DC Lucha Explosiva - The Cheetah
DC Lucha Explosiva – The Cheetah

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