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ChessPlus is a chess variant where you can split and combine chess pieces into new combinations.

Chessplus is played under standard chess rules with one difference – pieces can be merged to combine their powers, and merged pieces can be split back into their individual pieces.

Here is a quick guide to the rules:

1. Merging or splitting is considered a move.

2. Individual pieces must always move according to their traditional ability.

3. A player can create a merged piece by moving an individual piece onto the square of another piece of the same colour, except for the king.

4. A merged piece can move as either of it’s joined pieces, or can be split by moving a joined piece away individually.

5. When a merged piece containing a pawn makes it to the other end of the board it is promoted to a queen.

6. When a merged piece is captured or promoted the merged piece leaves the board.

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