2 thoughts on “Genichiro Tenryu and Tatsumi Fujinami Sofubis”

  1. , all those companies are doing innovative things in different ways. I am not in your market and certainly can’t claim to be an expert, but from afar, it seems they are moving in the right direction without expeirencing some of the pain you seem to be.Happy to talk any time!

  2. True. But. When someone want’s to upload an app to the app store the app has to be reviewed and if it doesn’t pass the standards it won’t be uploaded. For android, there is no review, so any app can be uploaded no matter how bad it is. Thats why android is growing so fast, most android apps are honestly rubbish.Im not an apple fanboy, I actually own a android phone (Htc incredible S) and i just want those trashy android apps to go and for the android market to be nice and clean


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