Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire on YouTube

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire is a 13-episode documentary series that starts at the very end of the Roman Republic, and then follows the ups and downs of the empire through the 5th century and the overthrow of the boy emperor Romulus Augustulus in 476 AD.

This is an extremely well-done series that originally aired on the History Channel (remember when it was about more than nonsensical ancient aliens shows?). The series is heavy on re-enactments interrspered with commentary from academic experts who do an excellent job of describing and contextualizing the events of the ancient Rome.

Someone has posted the entire series to YouTube:

Episode 1 – The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Episode 2 – Spartacus

Episode 3 – Julius Caesar

Episode 4 – The Forest of Death

Episode 5 – The Invasion of Britain

Episode 6 – Dacian Wars

Episode 7 – Rebellion and Betrayal

Episode 8 – Wrath of the Gods

Episode 9: The Soldier’s Emperor

Episode 10: Constantine the Great

Episode 11: The Barbarian General

Episode 12: The Puppet Master

Episode 13: The Last Emperor

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