Phoneme: A Script to Encrypt All Gmail Archives with PGP

Phoneme is a Python script that will encrypt all of the email sitting in your Gmail account using GPG.

Every time it runs it will skip any messages that already start with “BEGIN PGP MESSAGE” in the body, so you won’t end up repeatedly re-encrypting messages.

A (very) simple script to encrypt all existing email in a gmail account with your gpg keys. The intent is that Phoneme is simple enough that even a layperson ought to be able to tell that there’s nothing suspicious going on with the code and it does what it says on the tin.

Phoneme goes through your email, encrypts it with your public key as the recipient, **DELETES THE PLAINTEXT UNENCRYPTED ORIGINAL** and appends it back to the folder it originally was in with the from and date information intact. It does not however remove the plaintext original from your trash folder, so when the full encryption process has finished you may want to check your trash folder and make sure everything is ok before you hit ‘delete forever’

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