Somehow I missed the initial announcemnt for Your.FlowingData.Com, even though it is one of the sites I follow very closely. But Nathan Yau posted about the service again noting that there was a limited-time beta signup, and I was in heaven after checking out all of the logging options.

Call it life logging or the quantified self or whatever, but lets you keep track of your weight, what you eat drink, etc. through Twitter. You sign up with the service using your Twitter account, and then follow the service’s Twitter ID which, in turn, follows you.

To update your status, weight, time you went to sleep, whatever, you send a direct message like this,

d yfd weight 210

Your.FlowingData then updates and aggregates those updates like this,


For those into life logging, this is like heaven. This is still in beta so there are occasional delays and still some minor issues (for example, it took a bit for Nathan to adjust the app to handle Daylight Savings Time) and there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to see it track — blood pressure, exercise routines, etc — that it doesn’t at the moment, but still even in beta this is fracking awesome.

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