Timeline of the Planet of the Apes

Timeline of the Planet of the ApesRichard Handley’s Timeline of the Planet of the Apes is a 300+ page book consisting largely of a timeline of events from all of the Planet of the Apes movies, television show, novels, comic books, and related fiction including some unreleased material. Available as a paperback on Lulu.com (no PDF download — damn), Handley’s book,

. . . present[s] every recorded event of the Planet of the Apes saga in its proper chronological context—from long before Caesar’s birth to far beyond Earth’s destruction. This book covers every film, television episode, cartoon, novel, comic, short story and audio-tale produced under the Planet of the Apes banner over the past four decades—including a number of rejected or unpublished tales unavailable to fans. No other reference book has covered the saga’s expanded universe so completely.

Along with a painstakingly detailed timeline spanning millennia, this volume features a gallery of more than 350 cover images, a recommended viewing/reading order, an examination of time travel in the Planet of the Apes mythos (both on screen and in print), and a title/creator index of published fiction—plus, insightful notes discussing preliminary and discarded story concepts, inconsistencies and discontinuities, unpublished lore and other fascinating trivia.

Even though it’s paper-only, my Planet of the Apes obssession might just compel me to purchase this.

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