Super Ubuntu

I have gotten so fed up with Windows that I’ve gradually been moving pretty much every computer I have to use over to Ubuntu. Super Ubuntu is Ubuntu plus a whole bunch of helpful stuff that helps save time getting everything up and running on a new install.

Super Ubuntu is just Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), but it also includes:

2 thoughts on “Super Ubuntu”

  1. “I have gotten so fed up with Windows” “And must now secretly admit I am not cool enough to own a Mac so” “I’ve gradually been moving pretty much every computer I have to use over to Ubuntu.”


    (I kid. Until Windows 7 came out and MIGHT NOT SUCK TOTALLY BUT NO PROMISES BUT WE KNOW YOU SHEEP WILL ALL UPGRADE ANYWAY until that the plan was and still might be to move Cin’s Dell to Ubuntu.)

  2. XP is frustrating enough but workable. I get pissed though because I’ll get some process started, go to bed and assume I can get up in the morning and continue. But in the meantime overnight MS pushed out a security patch and forced my computer to reboot and now I have to start all over. Really pisses me off.

    Plus I miss the stability. I can do a lot of advanced things in Ubuntu on my crappy MSI Wind that I can’t get my tricked out Windows desktop to do without belching blue screens of death. If I were MS I’d be embarassed by how good Linux is given the disproportionate amount of money MS invests in OS development.

    As for Apple, I love Apple product but I’m a Cory Doctorow-like Apple hater. They really lost me when they tried encrypting the iPod database to lock out competitors to iTunes. The interface is much better, but otherwise Apple is just MS with a smaller market share (though that’s clearly beginning to change).

    I figure either way I’m going to have to learn a new OS and I definitely don’t want to go the Vista/Windows 7 route, and I can actually afford to redo everything with Ubuntu…so….

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