6 thoughts on “DC Direct 1/6 Scale Wonder Woman Action Figure”

  1. The action figure doesn´t look bad to me,since it is a prototype. I ´ve been waiting for this action figure a lot of time…just like many others,I know. I won´t begin with critics,since it will be some time until she is released,but the rooted hair surely would be an improve,not just with Wonder Woman,but with the whole female action figures of the line. If the articulation is as excellent as Catwoman,you are talking. The legs,well,the tights could be more muscular looking,not so thin…she is a warrior,remember? Muscular heroines should be represented as well in 1/6th as they are in 7 inches…that would be an improvement!

  2. I hope this is a joke, she looks AWFUL!!!! she is like an ugly transvestite, the legs are too thin, the knee joints are too visible, the outfit doesn’t fit tight, they only used fabric for the outfit and it certainly would have looked much better with some hard plastic parts like the emblem for example and the tiara which should be removable in my opinion. Besides what is with the sculpted hair? More like hair it looks like a curly helmet to me. That sculpted hair limits the movement of the neck joint. No, no, no, this is a major disappointment.

  3. @Xavier — the hair on all the DC Direct 1/6 female figures is pretty bad. Someone at DC Direct gave an explanation in ToyFare awhile ago as to why they couldn’t do non-sculpted hair … supposedly they couldn’t get it exactly how they wanted it at this price point, which is bizarre given how bad the hair looks on most of these.

    @Eugenio — agreed on the muscles issue. Both this Wonder Woman and the Supergirl look positively anorexic.

  4. yes the sculpted is a nightmare on the female figures .the d.c women would look more authentic with the rooted hair .if mattel and tonner could do it why not d.c direct what were they thinking.

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