Apple C&D’s Wired — But People Who Talk About Radical Transparency . . .

John Brownlee over at (about the only BB property worth reading these days) has a basic overview of Apple sending a cease-and-desist to Wired Gadget Lab over a piece there showing how to install OS X on an MSI Wind. Yeah, newsflash — Apple sucks. They’re just Microsoft with a much smaller market share.

However, this part of Brownlee’s post had me snorting diet Coke through my nose,

Ars Technica’s Clint Ecker then asks if Chen (and other Conde Nast writers) are allowed to discuss it publicly, or cover it as news.

Chen’s Twitter response (since deleted):

Probably. We’re supposed to favor radical transparency here, right?

It certainly doesn’t look like it. The video to the guide in question has already been pulled and replaced with a random stream of CES 2009 videos. The YouTube mirror has been pulled as well.

Okay, if I were writing about Boing! Boing! the last thing I’d want to bring up is other sites’ lack of transparency given the whole Violet Blue episode and the more recent efforts by the ongoing efforts of Boing! Boing! comment moderators like Teresa Nielsen Hayden to insult and disemvowel anyone who dares show up with a different point of view.

One thought on “Apple C&D’s Wired — But People Who Talk About Radical Transparency . . .”

  1. TNH in particular has a bad case of “Let’s see how witty I can be while mocking you”, which accomplishes nothing but making the regulars titter at your “wit” while you stand behind the poor kid as he’s just trying to get his damn bag out of his locker and go to math class and be left alone.

    I’m really entertained to see the regulars claim that everything is fine because, hey, they don’t mind when Antinous and Teresa fisk someone. Well, that’s rather the problem, isn’t it?

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