Champions Online Adds In-Game Social Networking Features

Champions OnlineI’ve been playing the open beta of Champions Online and like it a lot. You can definitely tell this game was simultaneously developed for the XBOX 360 as well and it has a more console action feel, but the depth of the character customization is amazing and overall its a very well done superhero game.

One of the interesting things Cryptic has done with the game is embed social networking features directly in the game,

To start using this system, enter /socialmedia. From this screen you can control the operation of the social media tools. Use the settings button to enroll (or un-enroll) from each service. By default, all available activity types for each service are enabled once enrolled. Uncheck any of the boxes to disable that activity type for that service.

The Status activity type is initiated by the command “/social_status Your status here”. The plan is for this to be integrated into the status box in the chat context menu, but for now the command will work.

The Screenshot activity type is initiated by the commands “/social_screenshot <optional title here>” and “/social_screenshot_ui <optional title here>”.

The Blog activity type is initiated ‘/social_blog “Title” “Body”‘.

Currently, Champions Online supports updating Facebook, Twitter, Raptr and LiveJournal. I asked about support for WordPress, but the devs claim that the WordPress APIs require sending usernames and passwords in the clear which Cryptic has a policy against.

Personally, I’d like to see these sorts of features become common in all games.

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