Seagate’s 1.5 TB Hard Drive

Somehow I missed this Seagate press release announcing the release of a 1.5 TB hard drive planned to ship in August. Alas, no pricing.

However, the downward pricing on magnetic media continues unabated. I’ve seen 750gb HDs from big retailers hitting the $110 range.  At the rate prices keep dropping, it won’t be much longer before the cost/gb of hard drives falls below that of optical media like DVD+R.

The bigger long term problem, at least for those like me who like to have optical-media backups is that Blu-Ray media is still very high. The cheapest I could find 25gb Blue-Ray write-once media was $11.50 which is 46 cents/gb. Three times higher than magnetic media, and nine times higher than DVD+R on a per gigabyte basis.

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