Ozh’s Who Sees Ads Plugin for WordPress

WordPressOnce upon a time, back in the heady days before the collapse of the Internet bubble, I was making close to $1,000 from ads on various websites/blogs I was running.  Not bad considering it was (and still is) just a hobby. Today most months I make enough money to pay the dedicated server costs, so basically the blogs subsidize some of the other things I do with the web server.

Anyway, like everyone else I’m not a big fan of seeing ads everywhere on websites I visit and I try to limit how intrusive ads are on this and other sites I run. One way I’ve done that is with the Ozh Who Sees Ads plugin for WordPress.

As the name suggests, the plugin gives you a lot of control on which visitors to a WordPress site see ads. I’ve got it set up so both visitors who are logged in and visitors who are regular readers (2 visits in the last 10 days) should never see ads (and really, you should be using Firefox with AdBlock Plus anyway, but that’s a different rant).

The plugin has a lot of flexibility, so you not only could I not show ads to logged-in and regular visitors, but I could show additional ads to folks who don’t meet those criteria, etc.

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