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I like statistics. I like video games. I love video games that give me not only statistics, but web-accessible statistics like Guitar Hero does. For example, check out my Guitar Hero 3 community page which tracks pretty much everything online that the game does locally on my XBOX.

To enable this all I had to do was give the Guitar Hero site my XBOX gamertag and a code generated by the local install of GH3 on my console. Now, everyone on the Internets can see how bad I suck at GH3!

I really wish every game would do this. Since there are so few big game companies to begin with, it should be possible to set it up so I could go to, say, and view stats on all of the EA games I own.

The one thing that I would do to improve the GH3 site is add an RSS feed. Update the feed everytime I do beat my previous high score on a song or achieve some new accomplishment.

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