Jack Thompson Headed for Disciplinary Hearing?

GamePolitics.Com reports that anti-video game idiot Jack Thompson has a disciplinary hearing coming up in Florida on several counts including three related to his ongoing war against videogame violence.

Those ethics counts relate to Thompson’s role in an Alabama lawsuit against the makers of Grand Theft Auto. According to GamePolitics.Com,

In upholding a pair of complaints against Thompson by [Alabama] Judge James Moore, the Florida Bar alleges that the outspoken attorney violated numerous professional standards both before and after his Pro Hac Vice status was revoked in Alabama. Among the misconduct alleged by the Bar is Thompson’s assertion that a local Alabama attorney claimed he could fix cases before Judge Moore.

Apparently not only did Thompson privately allege that Moore was crooked, but he also sent e-mails to the judge to that effect, such as one Thompson allegedly sent to Moore in July 2006 that included this claim,

You’re the guy who wants to give (Grand Theft Auto publisher) Take-Two my scalp. You chose to believe people that you knew were thieves and liars, and now you are their useful SLAPP Bar complainant… These are your corporate criminal buddies, Judge Moore. These are the folks with whom you made your bed, the folks whom your good friend said he could fix the case.

It is bad enough that Thompson was able to make his empty threats and charges, but remember despite it being blatantly obvious how unhinged he was, Thompson was the go-to guy that media outlets such as CNN went to whenever they needed commentary or analysis on video game violence even though he clearly knew nothing about the very games he was commenting on.


Jack Thompson Faces Florida Supreme Court Disciplinary Hearing. GamePolitics.Com, February 3, 2007.

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