Next up for Marvel: 40 Years of the Avengers DVD-ROM

The other day I was wondering what Marvel would follow-up its 40 Years of the X-Men DVD-ROM with, and it turns out my speculation was right. The latest issue of Previews has a listing for a 40 Years of The Avengers DVD-ROM that will “collect over 535 complete Avengers comics spanning September 1963 through December 2005. Scheduled to ship in April 2006.” Suggested retail price is $49.95.

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  1. Yeah. It is catching a ton of these, though. I’ve seen about 60 a day or so in the past week where it’s just some random letters. Whatever is doing it also seems to have registered a bunch of random letter-based domain names, though they seem to be 404 by the time they hit here with the spam.

    Very odd.


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