Victim of Animal Rights Extremists in UK Talks about Her Experience

The experiences of May Hudson, 67, do a nice job of illustrating the depravity of animal rights extremists in the UK.

Hudson is not an animal researcher or farmer and she’s apparently never worked for an animal enterprise. What she is, these days, is a cleaning lady who takes care of the homes of her clients to earn a bit of pocket money. But because she was a cleaning lady for the owners of a farm in the UK that raises guinea pigs for medical research purposes, Hudson has experienced the full brunt of animal rights violence.

According to a profile of Hudson in The Guardian,

Bricks have been thrown through her windows, incendiary devices left outside her house, and a lifesize rag doll, with a noose around its neck, a knife in its chest and a note on its body saying: “This is me next,” has been deposited at her front door.

. . .Three vehicles owned by her children were spray painted with paint striper, causing thousands of pounds of damage. Her daughter Jayne also received a letter which warned: “If your mother doesn’t quit within one week we can’t be responsible for what is going to happen to you — so can you please display these yellow cards in the bedroom where your children sleep.”

Hudson held out against the violence for years, but the threats against her children and grandchildren finally forced her to throw in the towel.

Hudson describes the numerous acts of violence and assault carried out by the animal rights extremists against her,

The first time they came with bricks, it was the early hours of the morning. My husband was very ill with cancer and was sleeping in our room alone. I was in the spare room and I heard this almighty crash. I ran into him and the whole window had been smashed, the brick landed on his pillow, just inches from his head, there was glass all over the pillow. If he had moved his neck an inch he would have been stabbed with glass.”

. . .

Two months after my husband died they came back. The brick came through the window and hit me on the shoulder. I had an almighty bruise. Even now I still lie in bed sometimes wondering: ‘Are they going to come tonight’?

And to complete their ghoulish, disgusting behavior, animal rights extremists recently sent a letter threatening to dig up the body of Hudson’s dead husband if she didn’t quit. The threat was taken very seriously given that the animal rights ghouls had recently dug up the body of her employer’s mother-in-law.

Presumably assaulting a 67-year-old woman and threatening to dig up her husband’s body makes these nutcases feel like their true revolutionaries rather than pathetic punks.


First came the bricks, then the threats. The Guardian (London), January 22, 2005.

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