Should Pharma Firms Bear Costs of Police Protection?

The Times (UK) reported in February that the cost of policing animal rights protests over the last 5 years has been roughly 10 million pounds. The Times also suggested that the government was investigating the possibility of having the companies being protested pick up some of that 10 million pound tab.

According to The Times, Cambridgeshire police alone spent 5.4 million pounds and 400,000 man hours protecting Huntingdon Life Sciences and its staff over the past five years.

As far as charging the targets of the activists for this protection, the Times claimed that,

Discussions were under way between the Home Office, industry executives and police forces about whether companies should pay something towards the vast policing bill.

This would certainly follow the already-established pattern for the Labor government. First, openly court the animal rights movement. Second, ignore for years the increasing number of violent attacks against the industry. Then, finally, compensate for that laissez faire policy by seeking compensation from the victims of such violence.


Animal protest costs Pounds 10m over five years. Nicola Woolcock, The Times Online, February 28, 2005.

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