Mark Cuban — Cancel the Inauguration (But Not the Basketball Season)

This blog entry by Mark Cuban has to rank up there in the annals of silly hypocrisies. Cuban thinks it would be a good idea to cancel the inauguration and donate the $40 million or so it will take to tusnami relief efforts. Since the money for the inauguration is raised from private donors, I suspect that if W. wanted to cancel the balls and private parties the GOP would have to refund the money to the donors who could then decide to use it for tsunami relief or not.

But its a bit odd to see a man who pays 12 individuals almost $100 million annually to play basketball to be complaining about lording it over the developing world with American excess. Cuban whines,

Why are all these corporations and people spending all that money? Hey I love a good party, but there ain’t no party like a $10,000 per ticket party. It’s a 10k dollar ass kissing. As an accountant, fund raiser when asked about the high prices to attend the Inaugural events told the NY Times, “its the cost of playing the game”.

Oh right, $10,000 to buy a ticket to a party is nonsense, but leasing a luxury suite for $50,000/year at American Airlines Stadium is perfectly rational behavior.

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