Iran Threatened by Waves of Mini-Skirts

The Middle East Media Research Institute has an interesting transcript of Iranian leader Ali Khamenei complaining that his country faces a threat from . . . miniskirts.

MEMRI quotes Khamenei as saying in an address (emphasis added),

More than Iran’s enemies need artillery, guns and so forth, they need to spread cultural values that lead to moral corruption. They have said this many times. I recently read in the news that one of them, a senior official in an important American political center, said: “Instead of bombs, send them miniskirts.” He is right. If they arouse sexual desires in any given country, if they spread unrestrained mixing of men and women, and if they lead youth to behavior to which they are naturally inclined by instincts, there will no longer be any need for artillery and guns against that nation.


Iranian Leader Khamenei: Iran’s Enemies Want to Destroy it with Miniskirts. MEMRI, January 6, 2005.

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