Congressional Idiots on the Jeff Gannon Affair

I really couldn’t care less about the Jeff Gannon affair one way or the other, except to point out that this Fox News story underlies what idiots our elected officials are (and this idiot Conyers is, unfortunately, from Michigan — emphasis added),

[John] Conyers and [Louise] Slaughter note in their letter that in an October 2003 interview with Wilson, Guckert referenced a memo written by U.S. intelligence officials indicating the operative suggested Wilson could investigate reports that Iraq had sought uranium.

In and of itself, this indicates that Mr. Guckert had access to classified information,” the two lawmakers wrote. And “it appears now that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House.”

As has been widely reported about the Gannon affair, Gannon mentioned the memo almost two weeks after the Wall Street Journal reported on it. There’s no evidence that Gannon did anything but read the WSJ story about the memo and ask an official about the memo. Certainly the fact that he knew about the memo was proof “in and of itself” that Gannon had access to the memo only if you accept the bizarre proposition that everyone who also read the Wall Street Journal’s report “had access to classified information.”

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