British Court Rejects Appeal of Fox Hunt Ban

A British court in January rejected a legal challenge by the Countryside Alliance to Great Britain’s ban on fox hunting with hounds.

The Countryside Alliance argued that the invocation of the Parliament Act of 1949 to pass the Hunting Act was illegal. The judges hearing the case, however, ruled that the use of the Parliament Act of 1949 was legal and the ban itself was also legal under that act.

The Countryside Alliance said it expected to lose the first round of this legal battle which is ultimately expected on a third round of appeals that will wind up with the Law Lords, the highest court of law in Great Britain.

The Countryside Alliance also plan to launch an appeal with the European court of human rights arguing that the ban violates the human rights of hunters. In the mean time, the group is considering asking for an injunction to prevent the ban from going into effect until the legal appeals have been exhausted.

According to The Guardian, the British government has indicated it doesn’t have an opinion either way about an injunction. Opponents of the hunt have accused the government of trying to sidestep controversy ahead of May elections in the United Kingdom.


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