Yvonne Taylor Claims She Was Assaulted at Fur Show

Advocates for Animals anti-fur activist Yvonne Taylor claimed she was assaulted at the Chennai International Leather Fair while she repeatedly tried to storm the stage.

According to Taylor, she first walked onto the catwalk at the show carrying banners reading “Leather Kills” and “Leather Is Murder.” She was grabbed by security guards and removed from the stage.

After she colored her hair a different color, she returned to the show and tried to jump on stage while shouting animal rights slogans. According to Taylor, several guards grabbed her again and this time they physically assaulted her. Taylor told The Times of India,

[I was] physically lifted up and thrown out of the ramp by as many as six men. I was just one lone woman, there was simply no need for six men to grab me. The guards grabbed me from all sides, punched me in the face and pulled my hands in two opposite directions as if wanting to tear me apart.

A spokesman for the organizers of the show responded that the show could have had Taylor arrested, but chose not to,

We could have definitely put her in jail, but did not do so as we believe that in a democracy everybody has a right to protest.


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