Warp 11

The other day I mentioned Lovecraft filker-extraordinary Terrence Chua. I ran across his site after watching Trekkies 2 several times in a row and was googling for the web site of Star Trek theme band Warp 11, which is featured in that film.

Trekkies 2 features Warp 11 performing their awesome song, Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner (listen to MP3 clip here). This song could have been the theme to Free Enterprise,

Everything I do, I do with William Shatner
Losing all my hair while my belly’s growing fat-ner
And when I drink too much
He holds my hair in his hands
And while I’m blowing chunks
He treats me like the captain

Oh, when we get together we boldly go
Talk about our favorite episodes
I don’t want to go to work
Just want to hang with Captain Kirk
And if I had my way I’d make it so

A song from their first album, sums up Shatner’s career perfectly,

HeÂ’ll beat up Klingons
And heÂ’ll blow up Gorn
If it wasnÂ’t for Star Trek, heÂ’d be making porn
Scoring with chicks since the day he was born
The day he dies how we will mourn

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