Vegetarian Indian Village

KeralaNext.Com had an interesting report on the village of Bhubaneswar where all 500 residents have been vegetarian for several generations. The villagers have an impeccable logic for avoiding eating meat. KeralaNext.Com quoted local school teacher, Dharanidhar Das, 58,

We do not know for how long we have been vegetarians. The practice has been handed down over generations.

It began a villager who ate meat turned blind. Since then, none of the villagers have dared to eat non-vegetarian.

According to KeralaNext.Com, the villagers don’t even allow meat or fish vendors to pass through the village and that their pets have also adopted vegetarian diets — when cats or dogs are offered meat, they refuse to eat it.


Superstition reigns supreme in vegetarian villages. KeralaNext.Com, January 16, 2004.

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