SHAC Goes Out There for Targets in War Against HLS

Despite its campaign of harassment and violence, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty has had to sit by and watch Huntingdon Life Sciences recover and prosper over the past few years. But one thing SHAC has done well is find ever more peripheral targets to harass.

This week SHAC fanatics promised to make UK clothing and home decor chain Marks & Spencer. Why M&S?

The company currently uses freight company BOC. BOC is in turn a subsidiary of a firm that supplies gas to Huntingdon.

SHAC seems to be channeling the John Birch Society in its method of picking targets.


Animal extremists to target M&S. Simon Fluendy, This Is London, August 1, 2004.

Man arrested in BYU arson. Justin Hill, The Daily Herald (Provo Utah), July 27, 2004.

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