Pennsylvania Proposes Expansion of Bobcat Season

In January, the Pennsylvania Game Commission gave preliminary approval to expanding the reach of its fifth bobcat season since the bobcat was given protected status by the state in 1970.

Small-scale hunting of bobcats resumed in 2000 when 58 bobcats were killed. A hunt has taken place each year since, with 146 bobcats killed in 2001 and 137 in 2002, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The bobcat hunt the last four years has been restricted to northcentral and northeastern Pennsylvania, but the game commission gave preliminary approval to expand the hunt into southwestern Pennsylvania.

Game Commission biologist Matthew Lovallo told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that,

Southwestern Pennsylvania has had a thriving population of bobcats for many years. This expansion in the size of the territory open to bobcat hunting and trapping will not alter the Game Commission’s conservative harvest object of 175 animals.


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