More Than Half of British "Vegetarians" Eat Meat or Fish

A survey by Great Britain’s TNS Family Food Panel found that 58 percent of self-described vegetarians in that country ate meat, poultry or fish during the two-week period of the study.

TNS asked 11,000 people to maintain food diets for two weeks. Four percent of those in the study described themselves as vegetarians, but 23 percent ate red meat during the study, 20 percent ate poultry, and 51 percent of the self-described vegetarians ate fish.

Dietitian Juliette Kellow told the Telegraph,

We have seen something of a turnaround in the public perception of meat. There is more confidence in its safety and quality, and also growing awareness of the nutritional benefits. Atkins and other high protein diets have had an effect and there have been a number of celebrities like Madonna and Drew Barrymore who have abandoned vegetarianism.


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