Man Acquitted on Charges of Performing Oral Sex without Girlfriend’s Consent

The Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald reports that a jury in Sydney deliberated only 10 minutes to find a man not guilty of performing oral sex on his girlfriend without her consent. Apparently prosecutors in Canada don’t have much real crime to prosecute if they can devote resources to such ludicrous cases.

After having what the Chronicle Herald characterized as a “bitter fight” with her boyfriend, the woman went to police and reported that five days earlier she had awoken to find her boyfriend performing oral sex on her. The boyfriend testified that the woman was, in fact, awake throughout the sex act and, in fact, “moving around . . . [and] moaning.”

Apparently the jury found the case groan-inducing as well.


Cape Breton man found not guilty in oral sex case. The Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia), January 29, 2004.

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