Jerry Vlasak Delivers Videotaped Speech to International Animal Rights Conference

Having been barred from entering the UK due to his statements justifying and supporting violence, animal rights activist Jerry Vlasak gave a videotaped speech to the 350 attendees at the Internatinoal Animal Rights Conference 2004.

Here are some highlights from Vlasak’s speech,

Our movement cannot be isolated in a vacuum. The animal rights movement has got to be viewed in a historical context. Our movement is no less important or radical than the fight against Apartheid or the fight against human slavery, fights against oppression in Algeria, Vietnam, Northern Ireland and other places all around the world.

We, like those freedom fighters who came before us are on the front lines, trying to educate a largely greedy, corrupt and violent society and to expose the needless suffering and agony which goes on daily inside abattoirs, laboratories and zoos; billions of animals suffer and die world wide.

. . .

The scientists who still use animals in their research are not only frauds, but are addicted to an outdated form of research. That Colin Blakemore for instance, who has sewn kittens eyes closed for fun and profit, is no more of a true scientist then the mad scientists in the monster movies we watched in the 50’s. Blakemore is not a doctor. Like most animal experimenters, he is simply a “wanna be” medical doctor who didn’t have the social skills nor the brains to make it through medical school. And those medical doctors who are performing experiments on animals are simply the instruments of a corrupt university system and the pharmaceutical industry.

. . .

In closing, I’d like you to ponder this thought when you get back home after the conference has ended and you are safe and sound in your homes and have a stomach full of tofu and rice; “If it were my mother, my child, my sister or brother inside an HLS lab or the primate labs at Oxford, what would I do to save them?

We do what we do because . . . .WE HAVE SEEN AND WE KNOW!

Odd enough, no call to boycott these drugs that can’t possibly work since they are based on animals rather than human beings.


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