I Thought I Was Getting McAfee Anti-Virus

When people sign up as members to any of my sites, the server automatically sends an e-mail to whatever e-mail address just giving a heads up that somebody signed up under that e-mail address, giving them the password so they don’t bug me for it later, and some basic information and ground rules about the site.

A small but fascinating percentage send back often very rude or clueless replies. The rude ones I can have some sympathy with, especially when the person who has the e-mail account wasn’t the person who signed up.

But some of the clueless ones really leave me stunned. One I received a couple of days ago really takes the cake. This person sent me an e-mail asking to have his account deleted as he thought he was signing up for McAfee Antivirus. Considering that the word “McAfee” doesn’t appear anywhere on the site or any of the thousands of posts, that was a bit odd.

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