Hypocrisy from Gay Marriage Supporter

Human Rights Campaign president Cheryl Jacques did a nice job of making my major point about gay marriage — that many of those supporting gay marriage are hypocrites unwilling to take their views to their logical outcome.

Here’s a partial transcript of Jacques appearance on Crossfire on Feb. 24 (emphasis added),

TUCKER CARLSON: I beg your pardon. I want to — I want to ask you a question. And I want you to answer it. No one ever answers this question. And perhaps you will.

The standards that the Massachusetts Supreme Court set was intimacy. People are intimate, share intimacy, they deserve to be married. Why draw the line at two people, say? Why shouldn’t a group of three men, for instance, by that standard, be able to be married? It’s an honest question. I’d like an honest answer, please.

CHERYL JACQUES: Here’s an honest answer. Tucker, I’m raising two sons. I want them to be in love with a committed partner. I want them to have a family. I want grandchildren. I want them to take care of each other. I want them to share each other’s health insurance. I want, when one of them dies, the other one to be able to receive Social Security survivor benefits, because they’ll pay into it, as I do.

CARLSON: OK, but you haven’t answered the question yet.

JACQUES: I just answered it.

CARLSON: No, no, why not three?

JACQUES: I want two committed parents, like every family.

CARLSON: But why deny the right of free people


JACQUES: Because I don’t approve of that.


CARLSON: Why don’t you approve of it?

PAUL BEGALA: Who is asking for it?

SEN. J.D. HAYWORTH: Well, I’ll tell you who is asking for it.

JACQUES: The American Pediatrics Association, all the leading groups say two committed parents.

CARLSON: But give me a reason. I don’t understand.


JACQUES: That’s what makes for a healthy family and a loving family and that’s what I want.

For Jacques, the standard for marriage then is whether or not she approves of a particular permutation of consenting adults who might choose to get married.

So now we see a clear difference between opponents and proponents of gay marriage. Many of those opposed to gay marriage argue should not be allowed because they don’t approve of it. Jacques and other supporters of gay marriage don’t think polygamous marriage should be allowed because they don’t approve of it.

They’re all one big happy family.

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