Craig Rosebraugh On Terrorism, Animal and Otherwise

In February, the Portland Tribune ran a profile of former Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front spokesman Craig Rosebraugh. Rosebraugh has taken the whole terrorism ball and run with it to its logical conclusion.

Specifically, Rosebraugh apparently has concluded, correctly, that torching laboratories and construction sites and releasing mink are not going to change society’s approach to animals or the environment. His solution? If civil disobedience doesn’t work and property destruction doesn’t work, then killing people just might.

In early 2003, Rosebraugh issued a press release calling for “large scale urban rioting” to stop the war against Iraq, and according to the Portland Tribune, he’s taken the logical next step in his support of terrorism,

Rosebraugh, however, says the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks are defensible because the terrorist acts were meant to send a legitimate message to Americans. He even put a color photo of the second World Trade Center tower bursting into flames on the cover of his book.

But remember, the idea that some animal rights activist care more about animals than human beings is just nonsense invented by far right “animal abusers.”


Activist indulges capitalistic craving. Jim Redden, Portland Tribune, February 6, 2004.

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