Cindy Crawford Changes Mind About Fur

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was up in arms after yet another defection of a supermodel who would rather go naked than wear fur, unless a fur designer is willing to come through with a paying gig. This time it was Cindy Crawford who has signed on to model for fur company Blackglama.

PETA, in response, has decided to create new posters out of Crawford’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” shoot,

Anyway, the most amusing part of the whole situation is how Crawford and Blackglama are apparently going to spin Crawford’s suddenly modeling fur — she was never really against fur in the first place!

The New York Post quoted Crawford’s publicist as saying,

This is so unfair. She’s not pretending to be anything she isn’t. It’s so outrageous . . . Cindy was never a PETA spokesperson nor has she taken a stand against fur. She was never in a PETA campaign. All she did was one photo as a favor to Todd Oldham.

Hmmm…so she never notice that PETA was using the photo as part of its anti-fur campaign? Presumably this is the same excuse she uses to explain away that 1995 movie, “Fair Game.” On the other hand, didn’t she notice that she was signing an anti-fur petition?

Come on, the reality is that in the early 1990s, Cindy Crawford thought it would help her publicity and career-wise if she signed on with PETA’s anti-fur campaign. After all, all the other supermodels were doing it. Now, she’s decided it would help her publicity and career-wise if she once again modeled fur. After all, all the other supermodels are doing it.

Crawford’s views on fur are as superficial and insincere as her publicity stills. For a change, I feel absolutely no sympathy for a target of a PETA campaign.


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