ALF Threatens Art Exhibit that Includes Fur

In January, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front in Great Britain warned that an art gallery might be targeted by the terrorist group over an art exhibit that used fur.

Francis Upritchard, 27, exhibited (I’m not making this up) “shrunken monkey heads constructed from secondhand fur coats” for the re-opening Camden Arts Center.

An unidentified ALF spokesman told the Hampstead & Highgate Express,

The use of any part of any creature for this type of thing is quite unacceptable. The ALF thinks it’s wrong to use any part of any species of animal. Where there is such an exhibition it would be seen as a legitimate target by the ALF. That could entail damage of any part of the building and its contents, so long as no life is endangered.

The re-opening itself went off without any disruption, however, albeit with significantly more police presence than a typical art exhibit.


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