A Bit Background on Rejection of Horse Slaughter Ban

A couple weeks ago this site noted the Illinois House of Representatives’ rejection of a bill that would have banned the slaughter of horses for food in that state. But part of the story got left out of that brief updated.

Specifically, in rejecting the horse slaughter ban, the House members apparently ignored much-publicized testimony by noted California horse expert Bo Derek. Derek testified before a Senate committee, but her appearance was publicized enough that House members should have been aware of it.

Derek proved to be a brilliant, cogent witness who offered well-considered explanations such as this as to why Illinois should ban the slaughter of horses for food,

It’s [horse slaughter] not humane and you wouldn’t choose it for anyone or your family over chemical euthanasia.

Well that’s certainly a perspective the politicians hadn’t considered. Hard to believe that didn’t win anyone over to her side.


Bo Derek testifies in hearing on horse slaughter. ABC7Chicago.Com, May 20, 2004.

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