PETA Considers Legal Action Against "Domestic Terrorist" Martha Stewart

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced in September that it was considering lethal action against Martha Stewart after she boiled a live lobster on her Martha Stewart Living show.

In a press release PETA said,

Martha Stewart Living should change its name to Martha Stewart Dying. On a recent show, the domestic diva (or domestic terrorist, if you happen to be an animal) removed live soft-shell crabs from their shells and fried them while they writhed around in the pan. Just a few episodes previously, Martha boiled live lobsters and commented that lobsters don’t have a central nervous system, despite marine biologists? claims to the contrary.

As Connecticut law protects all animals from mutilation and cruel killing, PETA?s lawyers are considering legal action. One cannot justify the willful and callous act of deliberately choosing to remove the shells of conscious crabs and allowing the animals to writhe in a hot pan, cooking them to death as they struggle.


PETA Considers Legal Action Against Martha Stewart on Cruelty Charges. Press Release, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, September 2003.

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One thought on “PETA Considers Legal Action Against "Domestic Terrorist" Martha Stewart”

  1. i am horrified by the crab mutilation i just witnessed on martha stewart. i support your lawsuit against her, and will write to her show about this horrific event. i will also contact her sponsors about this matter, plus those of the show of her guest chef, emeril.

    thank you for the work you do. margaret m hench

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