PCRM vs. the Atkins Diet: Pot Meet Kettle

In February the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine began airing a 30-second television commercial attacking high-protein diets. The commercial links high-protein diets to everything from osteoporosis to colon cancer and a voiceover intones, “You have more to lose than just weight.”

Neal Barnard told The New York Times that the ads was intended to counter a “flood of misinformation” about high-protein diets.

Okay, Neal Barnard lecturing people about dietary misinformation is a bit like the Flat Earthers complaining about Bigfoot enthusiasts being in the throes of pseudoscience. Or maybe Barnard has been helping spread dietary nonsense for so long that he figures he’s the resident expert on nonsense.

The Atkins Center in turned issuing a statement calling PCRM “an extremist vegetarian animal rights group.” To its credit, the New York Times did include a mention of the American Medical Association’s objections to PCRM’s ridiculous positions on animal testing.


Diet battles head for television. Patricia Winters Laura, The New York Times, February 18, 2003.

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