No Liberal Media Here

I thought the flurry of Supreme Court decisions over the past few days were well-decided, but I had to laugh out loud at Knight Ridder’s characterization of the Court which reads almost like an intentional parody,

The Supreme Court on Thursday defied its stridently conservative image by issuing two important rulings that, along with several others in its current term, embraced tolerance, inclusion and even compassion in their interpretations of federal law.

Ah, so the opposite of conservative is tolerant, inclusive and compassionate. Yep, no liberal media bias at all there.

But the truly bizarre thing is that I do not remember the job of the Supreme Court being to demonstrate tolerance, inclusion and compassion. I though its job was to be the ultimate interpreters of the Constitution.

Silly me.


Recent decisions counter view of Rehnquist court. Stephen Henderson, Mercury News, June 26, 2003.

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