Conviction in False Rape Case Yields 9 Month Sentence

Jacqueline Barkely, 38, had hired a lawyer to help her bring a lawsuit against a woman whom she accused of sexual misconduct.

That accusation was false. When Barkley’s lawyer, Steven Anderson, 45, spurned his client’s cards and letters professing her love, she then made false allegations that Anderson had raped her on the floor of the lawyer’s office.

Barkley went so far as to send text messages to one of Anderson’s legal partners that appeared to be from Anderson and contained a “confession” to the rape.

Barkley was found guilty of wasting police time and breach of the peace, but only received a 9 month jail sentence for her lies. That’s a relatively light sentence for charges that could have ruined Anderson’s career and left him facing legal proceedings if the charges had been believed.


Woman in false rape claim gets 9 months. Ausian Cramb, Daily Telegraph (UK), August 2, 2003.

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