Animal Liberation Front Sets Fire to Chicago Food Store

The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for setting a fire at a Chicago-area food store that had been used in an illegal exotic animal ring.

Czimer’s Game and Seafood in Lockport, Illinois, had been used by a ring of individuals illegally trading in endangered animals. The store sold the tiger and leopard meat killed by William Kapp. Kapp was indicted for his part in the scheme and convicted on 17 counts of trading in and selling endangered animals. Fifteen other people, including the owner of Czimer’s, were convicted of violating federal laws forbidding trade in endangered species.

The Animal Liberation Front issued a communique that read,

Under the cover of darkness, Animal Liberation Front operatives infiltrated the roof of Czimer’s Game and Seafood, setting it on fire. This action further extended the sentence handed down by federal courts on April 3, 2003 for William Knapp and Kevin Ramsey killing innocent tigers and illegally selling the meat at this store. Your crimes have not gone unnoticed and you are not innocent. These helpless animals were shot (murdered) in cages at point blank. Be careful, because we know who you are and where you live. Pray for extended jail time and enjoy your stay you sick fucking bastards.

Until the innocent can live in peace,

Animal liberation front

Of course — the people responsible for this illegal animal ring are going to prison, so why not go the extra mile and endanger the lives of a few firefighters by torching the Czimer’s building as well? Makes perfect sense.


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