The Major Cause of Gun Accidents — People’s Own Stupidity

Sometimes I cannot believe how utterly stupid people can be when dealing with matters of life and death. I’m probably to the right of Charlton Heston on the right to keep and bear arms, but it never ceases to amazes me just how cavalierly some people treat guns.

A front page story in my local newspaper today is all about one such act of idiocy. A woman in Milton Township, Michigan, discovered a Glock .40-caliber pistol in her kitchen — several people lived in the home, including the woman’s daughter and grandchild, and there is no word yet on who owned the gun.

So what would you do if you discovered a Glock just laying around, and, of course, you don’t want children getting access to it? Make sure the weapon isn’t loaded and lock it in the trunk of a vehicle? Or maybe you make sure the weapon isn’t loaded, remove the magazine, and place it on top of a tall appliance like a refrigerator?

No, of course not! You’d do what this woman did — she put it in the oven. That’s right, the oven.

I’m sure you can see what’s coming next. That night, the family decided to cook a pizza and preheated the oven. There was a round in the chamber, and the intense heat caused the weapon to discharge.

Killing a male infant who was sleeping about 25 feet away in the living room.

The paper seems to indicate that all of the adults in the house at the time were aware that the gun had been placed in the oven earlier in the day, though obviously they had forgotten this fact when the oven was being heated. I hope all of them are charged with negligent manslaughter.

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  1. What has this country come to? Can’t anyone properly write a sentence, no less a paragraph, without grammatical mistakes? It’s depressing.


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